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Stories from the Front Line: Nurses Share Their Experiences with COVID-19


We’re ten months into the pandemic, and nurses are still being pushed to the limit by the number of patients infected with the coronavirus. Experts believe the U.S. is now entering its third wave of new infections as we head into winter and flu season. Yet, nurses and providers across the country still aren’t getting the help they need.

At Scrubs Mag, we asked our nurses how they’ve been coping with the crisis on the front lines on our Facebook page “Funny Nurses”. We were soon flooded with responses from nurses all over the world. From staff shortages and challenging new experiences to lingering fear and doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many people think of nursing. See how your colleagues have been dealing with the crisis at hand.

We are so grateful to all providers for sharing their incredible stories with us. Nurses need strength and solidarity as they confront the dangers and challenges of the COVID-19 crisis. Continue to support your colleagues during this difficult time. We will forever look back on this crisis and honor all the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives to save others. 


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