Strange Medical Facts That Are Actually True? We Asked Our Nurses to Find Out


Science and medicine work in mysterious ways. There is so much to understand about the human body that you’d need several lifetimes to figure it all out. Here at Scrubs Mag, we went looking for some strange medical facts, and found more than we knew what to do with. Healthcare workers started sharing all kinds of hilariously true medical facts on our Facebook page “Funny Nurses”.

If you’re looking to brighten your day during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, find out just how amazing the human body can be.

Gary Baron:

“Dogs can smell when a patient is about to have a tonic clonic seizure and can be trained to give the patient a pre-alert to get to a safe place before it actually happens.”

Just one more reason to love dogs.

Angelique Longmore:

“If you have cut yourself in your mouth/gum, have a teaspoon of white sugar. It stops the bleeding immediately.”

Good to know; hopefully it works!

Katherine Carol:

“Bloody nose that won’t stop? Roll up gauze or tissue and place between the upper lip and gum. The pressure will INSTANTLY stop even the bloodiest of noses and you don’t need to stick tissue in the nares!”

Quality mom advice, right there.

Jennifer Lee:

“Taking antibiotics will render your contraceptives ineffective.”

We weren’t sure that was true until Courtney Abrahamson added, “most contraceptives, but not all.”

Be careful out there, ladies.

Tye H:

“In my personal experience, flies do land on patients who are close to death.”

Might want to close the screen on the window.

Barry Evans:

“If you are about to sneeze and you bite your top lip, the feeling should pass.”

Must-know tips for COVID-19 season.

Eden Luana:

“Your cervix and your head/face/neck/mouth are all connected. My GYN told me about this before using local anesthetic in my cervix pre-IUD implant. I’m a nurse and I did not believe him when he said my ears may ring/get tingling in my mouth or feel dizzy when given the local. I then felt like I was drunk and euphoric. ??? (Please note, I had no IV drugs/premeds.)”

Don’t try that at home.

Taylor Allen Weidner:

“Little elderly ladies with dementia will KNOCK YOUR ASS OUT with one punch! We called it dementia hulk strength!”

Keep that in mind if you go home for Christmas.

Rachel Fowles:

“Sprinkle sugar on the tip of a penis and squeeze for five minutes to help paraphimosis. My first task as a newly qualified nurse and the best treatment my patient said he got on the NHS. ????”

Now that’s hospitality!

Brian Pittman:

“Many of the surgical instruments used today were developed by a barber in France who got roped into performing the first-known anal fistula surgery on one of the French Kings. He also practiced this pioneering surgery on prison inmates. ?”

Glad to know we learned from the best.

Joanne O’Brien:

“If you give IV furosemide too fast it can make you go deaf… Permanently! ?”

Please don’t say that to your patients.

Olivia Houde:

“Pouring granulated sugar on a prolapsed rectum is supposed to help with manual reduction. I just learned this last night during my shift!”

Someone’s learning on the job.

Michelle Ambrose:

“Rubbing Vicks vapor rub onto the soles of your feet then putting socks on stops coughing. It’s a godsend when my kids get coughs and can’t sleep.”

Mommy needs rest, too.

Shaun Dooley:

“What you see may not be what is actually “out there” in the world. The brain has to reconstruct the images. You see with your brain, the eyes don’t ‘see’ anything.”

Who knew?

Julie Lochotzki Finton:

“Tequila will make you break out in handcuffs.”

Please drink responsibly.

Janice Worsham:

“You cannot get a Tylenol bottle out of your butt by yourself.”

Don’t worry, we called the paramedics. She’s fine.

Khilee Olijames:

“The first thing an elderly male will wash in the shower with a clean washcloth will be his man-bits or bum. THEN he will wash his face.”

Wait, how do they know that?

Thirkill Tanya:

“St. John’s Wort makes health professionals anxious because it reacts with basically everything.”

Spread the word.

Thanks to everyone who shared on Facebook. These comments were just what needed to get through the day. 


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