Strikes = opportunity for some nurses

Image: khcbrown via Flickr

While thousands of Registered Nurses are picketing in Pennsylvania, Michigan and California, thousands more are raking in big bucks — as strike nurses.

According to an article on, nurses from around the country have come to Philadelphia to fill in for the striking nurses at Temple Hospital.  Often, the replacement nurses sympathize with the striking nurses; as nurses, they too are concerned about patient care and safe working conditions.  But many of them are pragmatists.  Like everyone else, they have bills to pay.  Unlike many, they know that strike nursing is often the quickest way to earn some serious cash.

A number of nursing agencies, including Health Source Global Staffing and U.S. Nursing provide replacement nurses to institutions experiencing nurse strikes.  A current ad on the U.S. Nursing website calls for 600 nurses to work in the Washington D.C. area early next month.

What do you think?  Are replacement nurses betraying the profession or providing much needed patient care?

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