Student life: The walking dead

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I’m baaaack!!

Remember me? Yeah, that crazy nurse blogger-turned-zombie. I figured since the impending doom of the “Zombie Apocalypse” is popular these days, you could relate to the similarities between a nursing student and the undead…

That’s sort of where I’ve been recently. I’m on the final leg of this “race” for graduation from my Nurse Practitioner program. I’ve lost count of how many hours we put in for this last clinical rotation, along with the didactic classwork and putting the finishing touches on a number of group and individual projects.

Apparently there was this thing called a holiday that happened recently? Thanksgiving? Yeah, I can’t say I was much a part of that whole tradition this year. I was busy digging myself out of my assignment abyss.

Oh, and then I realized that I graduate in just over four months!!! (Excuse me while I go find an emesis basin…)

It’s hard to believe this journey is slowly coming to an end. I’m equally sad, excited and absolutely terrified! (Is that even possible?) Apparently, they may just have to let me graduate?

Now, let’s not put the carriage before the horse. I still have numerous things on my checklist to “pass” before I even qualify for graduation, but assuming I don’t royally mess anything up…I may very well have to face the real world as a budding Acute Care Nurse Practitioner!

Honestly, I’ve had these very same emotions before, just on a smaller scale. I felt the same way when I was on the cusp of graduating from my RN diploma program. I’m still wrestling with the “Oh my gawwd” thoughts and the “I know nothing” fears. I’m hoping I have absorbed enough knowledge to practice safely and effectively.

I know this is just the beginning, and I still have so much to learn. I’m just trying to keep my emotions in check so that I can follow through. Along with the stress of passing and graduating, now I’m faced with figuring out how to navigate my first job as an advanced practice provider–something that is quite overwhelming, to say the least.

Of course, I’ll try to share some of the highlights of my most recent clinical experience with you, as well as give you my usual anecdotal thoughts as I near graduation.

What have I missed? What do you want to hear about? How can I help you this holiday season?

I’d love to hear from you, dear readers.

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