Study abroad in China

Global Health Management and the Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences have established an innovative program to address the United States’ nursing shortage: an international degree program.
Beginning in the fall of 2010, interested (and eligible) students will be able to travel to China to prepare for licensure as a nurse in the United States. Citing the shortage of qualified nurse faculty — which limits the number of students able to pursue nursing degrees in the US — Dr. William Thallemer, President International Development an Academic Medical Partnerships for Global Health, says the Chinese program is an interesting alternative for students who want to obtain a degree in nursing.

Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences has had a Sino-US Joint Nursing program with Bob Jones University for years. Joint nursing majors study American-style nursing curriculum under US instructors in China.

Students interested in the new International RN Degree Program — which includes tuition-free scholarships — should contact Global Health Management at Prospective students must meet admission requirements and be willing to live abroad for three years.

What do you think of the program? Is this a good way to increase the pool of available nurses?

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