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5 Tips On How To Study Best For Nursing Exams


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The NCLEX is a high-stakes, high-reward test. But you knew that.

Getting ready for it is essential. The more time and effort you invest
in advance, the more likely you’ll be pleased with the outcome. But
you knew that too.

What you may not know is where to start your preparation. There are an
overwhelming number or books, review programs and online options. But
today, as much as 90% of students studying for nursing exams are
choosing to study and get ready on their mobile devices.

I know that because our company, HLT, is the number one provider of
mobile preparation and study tools for the NCLEX – NCLEX Mastery. And
those who use our tutorials, study guides and practice tests tell us
that they chose to take their NCLEX-prep mobile because it gave them
more flexibility and more time to study – boosting their confidence
and success.

Since mobile studying is a growing option, and we want you to master the
NCLEX, if you’ve already decided a mobile device study option is best
for you, here are five tips for getting the most out of studying on your
mobile device.

• Review the free materials – Almost every study guide or app or
program comes with free and usually public materials about how to get
the most out of it. Read those.

You may be able to assemble IKEA furniture without reading the
directions, which is impressive, but this isn’t the same thing. Like
ours, most online and mobile studying guides and tools have many
features that you’ll want to know about and optimize. And much of the
free support material also includes more general tips on not just how to
study but what to study. So investing in a mobile study solution and not
reviewing the corresponding materials would be like turning down free
dessert. It’s free. Use it.

• Make a plan – While mobile studying gives you maximum flexibility,
it does not mean you should study without structure. You’ll get best
results if you make a study plan and stick to it.

When it comes to planning, there’s an app for that. We built it into
ours. But whether you use the planning guide in our app or make a plan
on colored note cards stuck to your refrigerator, you should make a
plan. The NCLEX is a complicated test and there’s a great deal
you’ll need to know. Making sure you’ve covered every part and
worked on problem areas will give you the foundation and confidence you

• Change-up your study habits – Study at different times, places and
for different lengths of time.

Flexibility is the strongest advantage of studying on a mobile device,
so use that flexibility to your advantage.
Unless you’re someone who really loves taking tests and does well no
matter what, taking the NCLEX may be a stressful, trying experience. Use
your mobile study program to get ready for the test by preparing and
practicing not just often but in unusual places and in ways. Start a
practice test on the bus, while waiting for a meal at the restaurant or
on commercial breaks during TV night. Study in quiet too, where you can
really focus. But training your brain to focus on the material and tune
out distractions will give you a real advantage on test day.

• Bite size works – If you’ve got 5 minutes, you can use it.

By putting your NCLEX study program in your pocket or purse through your
phone or tablet, you’re ready to study anywhere, anytime and suddenly,
five minutes of delay or boredom can be vocabulary or drug review – or
whatever you need. Squeezing in just five minutes twice a day on your
mobile phone piles up to more than a full hour of study time every week.
Adding that time to blocked-off, serious studying time and you’ll be
dominating the material in no time.

• Practice – nothing beats practice.

Whether you’re an athlete or construction worker, few things improve
your success more than practice. So, as you study, take as many practice
tests as you can. Even if you’re not using your mobile devices to
study, take practice tests. And make sure, if you can, that the tests
your practicing with are pulled from actual NCLEX tests. Our practice
tests are. Seeing and feeling how the actual questions will be asked
makes a big difference.

Also, review your results and track your progress so you know where you
need to improve. Features like that are built into our programs but,
wherever you study, it’s a good thing to do. That, and practice.

There are real advantages to preparing for the NCLEX on mobile devices.
Flexibility, integration of other tools, and maximizing study time. If
you choose to go mobile with your NCLEX prep, we hope these tips help.
Now get up and get ready – test day is coming. We wish you great luck
and hope you won’t need it.

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