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Study reveals YouTube videos often depict nurses as sex objects


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A professor of nursing and midwifery at University College Dublin in Ireland has published a study that finds that YouTube videos negatively stereotype nurses in much the same way they often are portrayed in mainstream media.

“Despite being hailed as a medium of the people, our study showed that YouTube is no different than other mass media in the way it propagates gender-bound, negative and demeaning nursing stereotypes,” said Gerard Fealy, the author of the study.

The study analyzed the 10 most-viewed clips on the site that appeared in searches for “nurses” and “nursing.” The study found that four of those clips were posted by nurses and presented the job as skilled, professional and rewarding.

However, two of the clips featured nurses shown as ignorant or incompetent — one from a cartoon and one from a U.S. sitcom. The final four videos portrayed nurses in little clothing or willing to participate in male sexual fantasies.

Have you seen any differences in your experiences viewing nurses on YouTube than in the mainstream media? Let us know in the comments below.

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