Style we love: Simple and timeless nurse uniforms


I happen to think this young nurse–seen here shortly after graduating college and on the first job–has a pretty solid look. And not just because she happened to give birth to me!

The ’80s (as crazy as they were, style-wise) may have been a more simple time for scrubs, and she’s sporting a timeless Carolina blue set here. Her hair is simple and she’s accessorized with a watch, something she still wears every day. That wouldn’t seem strange, until you remember that with the advent of the cellphone, almost no one wears watches anymore.

So now that we’re in the 2000s, is my mom (Cathy) sporting some Tweety bird scrubs and rocking lavender crocs? Not quite. You’ll find her below, in a simple all-black getup with name tag. Not to worry, though. She might not be a flashy lady, but I’m pretty sure that floral scrubs jacket on the chair is hers. My mother–classy and timeless, yet never afraid to mix it up! A little.

Tell us: Has your scrubs style changed over the years? Are you more prone to taking chances in the last, say, decade? And if you’re a new nurse, what’s the style culture like where you’re based?

— Loren Lankford, Scrubs Editor

Scrubs Editor
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