Style we love: The long, flow-y nursing(?) dress


We love vintage photos of nurses. Whether they’re from real life or pulled from a movie still, it’s always fun to think about what was happening when the photo was shot or what the nurse was working on that day.

As we all know, the nursing uniform has changed quite a bit over the years and we can all agree that while not super glamorous, the scrubs worn by nurses today are certainly the most comfortable of options. Of course, before women were really wearing pants, they wore big skirted dresses! The outfit seen on the beautiful nurse pictured here looks like a giant apron adorned with a cross. While super cute, the garb is more Greased Lightning than er, practical. Still, there is something fun and ladylike about getting so dolled up just to go on the job.

Fast facts about nurses uniforms through the years:

  • The first nurse uniforms were derived from nuns. Before the 19th century, it was the nun who took care of the ill.
  • Miss van Rensselaer (one of Florence Nightingale‘s first students) designed the original uniform for nursing students.
  • Historically, a typical nurse uniform consisted of a dress, pinafore apron and nurse’s cap.
  • Traditional uniforms remain common in many countries, but in Western Europe and the U.S., scrubs are the norm.

Source: Wiki

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