Style we love: Vintage poster chic!

need credit

We really get a kick out of seeing old school scrubs. Though the styles today are generally believed to be more comfortable than those of the past, with that ease and uniformity, a little, uh, panache was lost. So even if it’s just for fun, sometimes it’s nice to look back at old photos (or, in this case, propaganda posters!) to check out what was happening scrubs-wise in the past.

From what we can tell, this wartime nurse recruit is wearing a denim blue top with peplum sleeves and a white collar. She also has on the traditional white hat — a personal favorite touch – and, gasp!, gorgeous red lipstick.

Tell us: Do you ever wish you could change it up a bit on the job, or are you happy to keep it simple and PJ-like? If you could bring back a nursing uniform element from the past, what would it be?

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