Summer 2012: Bold and beautiful!


Off-Center Cuts
Asymmetrical necklines are in evidence on this year’s fashion models, and you’ll be surprised to find that you can match this look with a scrubs top. With the V-neck shifted to one side, you can highlight the collarbone area and your neck rather than drawing attention to your sternum. To give this top a little extra glamour, put your hair up in a bun or a French twist instead of your usual work ponytail, and wear a nicer pair of stud earrings.

BCBG Max Azria Spring and Summer 2012 Fashion Trends

Endless Love

Don’t Sweat the Knit
No summer scrubs collection is complete without a few sweat-wicking tops that feature knit side panels. Such flexible designs allow ease of movement and promote all-day comfort. Most of these styles feature a darker color for the side panel. That’s partly to create a slimming, hourglass effect. The other hidden reason for contrasting panels is that darker fabrics don’t show sweat stains as easily—so you can wash and wear without too much pretreatment. By the way, we hope you like butterflies because you’ll see them literally everywhere you look for scrubs fashions this year!

Jewel Neck Top

Hello Bolero!
Did we say that summer is the time to stop layering? We spoke too soon…kind of. An abbreviated bolo-style jacket is actually very on trend even for the hotter months in 2012. Your scrubs top can feature this look without adding bulk and making you perspire. You can choose a piece with contrasting arms and shoulders for a mock-bolo effect. Unlike older raglan-style sleeves that make scrubs tops resemble baseball shirts, this new look is very tailored and feminine. The mock-bolo is perfect for bringing a little definition to your shape and hides any extra pounds in plain sight by drawing the eye up. Going with a darker  color like black is also great for slimming your upper arms and adding a sleek but fun effect!

Gucci Fashion 2012 Collection Summer

U-shape Neckline Top


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