T-shirts JUST for nurses

You can never have enough T-shirts. They’re great, no-fuss, easy-care, casual wardrobe items that go with jeans, shorts and sweatpants, and can even be dressed up a little with sweaters and jackets. Here are some choice nurse T-shirts that you might want to add to your wardrobe. They’ll make you—and those around you—smile. (Note: If you click on the image of each T-shirt, you’ll see the different styles and colors it comes in.)
1. Nurses make it better

nurse t-shirts

Who could quibble with this? It simply tells it like it is. And think how reassuring it’ll be for your family and friends when you wear this T-shirt. “Oh, isn’t it nice to know there’s a nurse nearby, in case I cut my finger or stub my toe?”

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