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“My patient called me…”

We all know that patients say some crazy things…but what happens when those crazy things are directed at YOU?!

Remembering the annual ‘New Residents Day’

Remembering the annual ‘New Residents Day’

July 1st used to be a date which forever lived in infamy for nurses who work in teaching hospitals…

WATCH: A rap video on the importance of hand hygiene

WATCH: A rap video on the importance of hand hygiene

Let’s take a look at the lighter side of infection prevention with a fun video all about the importance of hand-washing!

Lost and (unfortunately) found—strange things patients have left behind

Lost and (unfortunately) found—strange things patients have left behind

If a patient checks out of the hospital and leaves behind what we’ll just call a forgotten “token of gratitude” that a nurse deems peculiar, you can bet your bottom dollar that this found item truly is nine different levels of WEIRD.

10 ooky things you’ll find in the hospital

10 ooky things you’ll find in the hospital

We asked our nurses at our Funny Nurses Facebook page about the ookiest thing they’ve ever seen at work. Check out their great (and, uh, ooky) answers!

Nurses Week FAILS

Nurses Week FAILS

We’ve collected tales below about the most insulting Nurses Week “celebration” efforts ever. Laugh (and cry) along!

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“Oops” moments nurses hate to admit!

Have you ever screwed up royally? Yep. So has every experienced nurse.

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You won’t believe these strange patient superstitions!

“I had a patient who swore that if she went into the heat, her breast milk would spoil…”

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Best of 2012: Our favorite humor lists for and about nurses!

Here’s a look back at our favorite lists for and about nurses in 2012…laugh it up and enjoy!

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A nurse’s letter to Santa

“I would like a charting monkey. I would name him Bongo, and he could ride on my back all day long…”

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Nurses have some crazy holiday stories

Here’s to celebrating those fabulous nurses who know how to improvise to bring on the holiday cheer!

The top 10 worst scrubs fashion blunders you’ve ever seen!

No, we’re not talking about the spiral perm you wore back in the 90s! Scrubs readers recap some of the…err…interesting fashion moments they’ve seen around the unit.

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5 hilarious prescription transcriptions

You’ll never believe what the doctor okayed! Some are kinda wacky!

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The strangest thing my patient has ever done…

Patients may make the nursing world go round, but sometimes their behavior is a little weird! Read these hilarious stories from real nurses!

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Funny stories from the front lines: My code brown moments

Whether we needed two masks, a change of clothes or more towels than we’d care to mention, code brown stories are just plain funny to hear.