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A “winning” note of gratitude! We’re giving away a Littmann Stethoscope!

Thank your coworkers in the comments and you’ll be automatically entered to win a Littmann Stethoscope!

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What’s your work wish?!

If a genie appeared on your shift to grant you one work-related wish, what would you wish for?

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The top 10 weirdest things you’ve ever eaten for lunch on the job!

“Ice cream float…made with strawberry Ensure…very interesting.”

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Take that! How I (kind of) defeated the nurse who is out to get me

There’s this clipboard nurse upstairs who has been trying to find ANY reason to “counsel” me.

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The top 10 things you wish your patients would stop doing!

I hate being asked “Who’s ‘waiting’ on me?” If I was a waitress, I could’ve saved a lot on tuition…

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The top 5 irritating policies I’ve heard of (in the last week or so)

Dress codes that leave you broke and other odd directives you would never wish on other nurses.

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Your favorite patient “lines” revealed!

“Can I borrow $300? I promise to pay you back. You’re a nurse, you look like you make good money…”

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Medicine like it’s 1699

Could “demonic possession” be a real diagnosis? And is there a cure??

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“The specialty where nurses laugh the most is…”

The ER? Pediatrics? See how fellow nurses present their case!

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The most obnoxious nurse in the history of ever

It’s a hard choice to make, but this particular not-to-be-wished-on-anybody coworker needs to be immortalized.

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10 more ways Hollywood goofs up medicine from our Facebook fans!

“I love how the docs on House always break into the patient’s home to look for a cause of their illness. I mean, really?”

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Some things should not be said on a nursing unit

We often joke about it, but the truth is that there are just some things we nurses can THINK all we want, but can never speak.

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The top 10 craziest things patients have insisted on keeping in their hospital rooms!

“My patient insisted she have her snuff with her, even though she was unable to see where her spit can was…”

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More medical miscommunications!

“What did you say?!” The presence of equipment, psychoactive drugs and hearing-impaired patients can lead to some confusing (and hilarious) conversations.

Funny things only nurses get to see!

Funny things only nurses get to see!

Take a look at some of the oddest encounters our readers have experienced.