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The top 10 ooky things you’ll see in a hospital

I’m not talking here about wounds large enough to stick your head in or residents who haven’t slept in three days. I’m talking about the everyday eyesores that become invisible with familiarity.

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2013 astrological forecast for nurses

Put down your stethoscope and pick up your horoscope! We’re taking a just-for-fun look at what the coming year may bring.

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Nurses have some crazy holiday stories

Here’s to celebrating those fabulous nurses who know how to improvise to bring on the holiday cheer!, Goodshoot | Thinkstock

5 rules for nursing students…from the 1970s!

For those of you who are in nursing school and are aghast at some of the surprisingly dated rules you must abide by (white uniforms? Really??), take a look at this list of rules for nursing students from the 1970s!

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Happy Un-Thanksgiving Day for nurses?

Sweet catharsis! Here are the top 35 things nurses are NOT thankful for in 2012.

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A “winning” note of gratitude! We’re giving away a Littmann Stethoscope!

Thank your coworkers in the comments and you’ll be automatically entered to win a Littmann Stethoscope!

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The top 10 weirdest things you’ve ever eaten for lunch on the job!

“Ice cream float…made with strawberry Ensure…very interesting.”

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12 regrettable Halloween costumes for nurses

Here are some Halloween costumes that will probably make even the most seasoned nurse a little queasy. We’ve compiled a dirty dozen here, some suggested by real-life nurses and others from the unending compendium of trashy medical-themed costumes online.

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The top 10 things you wish your patients would stop doing!

I hate being asked “Who’s ‘waiting’ on me?” If I was a waitress, I could’ve saved a lot on tuition…

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The top 5 irritating policies I’ve heard of (in the last week or so)

Dress codes that leave you broke and other odd directives you would never wish on other nurses.

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10 more ways Hollywood goofs up medicine from our Facebook fans!

“I love how the docs on House always break into the patient’s home to look for a cause of their illness. I mean, really?”

Scrubs caption contest! – August 27, 2012

Scrubs caption contest! – August 27, 2012

What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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10 more of the worst orders you’ve ever read!

Read on for 10 more of the worst orders you’ve ever read and be ready to LOL!

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The funniest reader quotes of 2012!

Nurses aren’t just on the front lines of healthcare, they’re also on the front lines of delivering some occasionally hilarious one-liners. We love your comments and stories so much, we couldn’t help rounding them up and sharing them!

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You know you’re a student nurse when…

Here are 20 surefire ways to spot a nursing student. The good, bad, and everything in-between!