Nurse Relationships

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How to find your own McDreamy

Here are some light-hearted tips for making your own hospital romance happen…

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My golden rule about dating at work

Dating a colleague: Is it a match made in employment heaven or the worst idea ever?

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6 gift ideas for the nurse

I am one, I’m married to one, and I work with a few, so I did an informal poll. Here are the “Man, I wish I’d get this present…” results.

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What happens after

Four case studies of nurses who, despite their crazy lives and busy schedules, found their match!

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How to make friends in the hospital (and when you leave)

At work, you’re dealing with a myriad of ages, interests, and personalities. So how do you sift through it all to find true friends?

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Finding the right care for your children

Lining up childcare when you work erratic shifts can be a challenge. We’ll help you explore your options.

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Is your relationship hurting your career?

Yes, you’d rather hang with your honey than take on another evening shift. But before your love life becomes a career killer, click into these five tips to test whether you’re making the right choices.

When your child is the patient

When your child is the patient

Sometimes it’s better not to be a nurse. You just know…too much.

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The nurse’s guide to romance

Shifting from work time to home time, tips for connecting with your partner, what to do when “it” just isn’t in the cards, and ways to keep your ongoing sex life…well…going!

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Nurses and healthy relationships

We give our all to our job and to our patients. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t have anything left to ‘give’ at home with our loved ones. Here are a few tips for keeping your relationships ‘healthy’ by treating those you love like you treat your patients.

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Marriage and the nurse

Why do nurses in particular struggle with their relationships? Here are tips to help create and keep a healthy partnership.

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Healthier sex life = healthier body

With the nature of a nurse’s long shifts and responsibilities once you head home, oftentimes all you want to do when you hit the pillow is go to sleep…and nothing more. Here’s an argument for that “something more.”

How to get your kids to do the laundry…

How to get your kids to do the laundry…

Here’s the smart way for a busy nurse to delegate.

23 nurses reveal their stress relief escapes

23 nurses reveal their stress relief escapes

Need some fresh ideas to spice up your off-hours? Take a peek inside the day planners of some Scrubs Mag nurses for inspiration.

Why this RN published her daughter’s diary

Why this RN published her daughter’s diary

I never intended to write a book for the general public. Then I found my daughter’s prayer journal in her bedside drawer on the day she died of sarcoma.