Shift Work Disorder

The sleepiness cure

Nurses suffer from sleep deprivation, affecting patient care and an RN’s own health. Tired nurses are at risk for obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

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19 ideas for shift nurses to get more sleep

Your body knows what it likes. It likes to sleep when it’s dark. And quiet. At night. Unfortunately, you may not have that luxury. Fortunately, your body can be tricked. And here are the ways to do it so you can get the rest you need.

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NOC wear and tear

A coworker told me recently, “So what if NOC takes seven years off my life–working with the day crew would probably take off ten!”

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Getting ready for NOC

I’m getting ready to switch to the NOC shift, and am pretty anxious about what to expect and how to prepare myself for a new kind of all-nighter.

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Top 10 ways to survive NOC

This new nurse is now a night shift pro…thanks to the expectations she set with her friends, her family, and herself. Get her invaluable advice.

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