Skin and Body Advice for Nurses

Dermatitis: The nurse’s allergy

Does the skin on your hands frequently feel dry and irritated? You’re not alone. Nursing has long been recognized as a profession at high risk for allergic contact dermatitis.

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Dry hands makeover

If your hands are sore, split, chapped or even bleeding from the constant hand-washing that is a necessary part of a nurse’s life, don’t despair that you’ll never have soft hands again. That’s because a wide array of products and practical tips can help salvage even the roughest hands.

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Spa tip #1: The ouchless bikini wax

We consulted an anesthesiologist (heck…they know all about taking away pain) to help guide us through the process, and she gave us the lowdown on what to do and expect before waxing down there.

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Lipstick stat!

Mascara can make any nurse’s sleepy eye look at least half opened. Lipstick enhances our smiles, which are a big part of who we are.

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Perfect eyebrows in 10 minutes

You may have little time to get ready before your shift, but you can still make your brows look terrific in minutes. Here are tips for finding your natural arch, then a 4-step guide to painless and perfectly tweezed brows.

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