Take the Certainty® SmartBoost™ Smell Challenge

Certainty® SmartBoost™ is challenging users to a dare. “Round up your funkiest, mustiest, stinkiest clothes,” they instruct. “The next time you wash them, add a capful of Certainty SmartBoost. Dry as usual, then take a good sniff.”

Certainty SmartBoost is a new laundry additive that infuses machine-washable fabrics with protection against bacteria that cause odors and degrade fabric. Developed by a leading medical uniform company, it was created for people who machine-wash their scrubs and lab coats at home.

“Laundry detergent gets clothes clean, but it’s not effective against certain bacteria, which can remain and multiply on the garments,” says Renata Ritcheson, who oversaw development of the product. “The antimicrobial fabric technology in Certainty SmartBoost essentially pops the bacteria cell membrane like a water balloon, effectively destroying unwanted microbes so they can’t cause odor and fabric damage.”

“And Certainty SmartBoost is so simple to use. Just throw your clothes and detergent into the washing machine as you normally would, then add Certainty SmartBoost to the fabric softener port and let your machine do the work.”

The active ingredient, BIOSAFE® antimicrobial fabric treatment by Gelest®, is non-bleaching, fragrance-free, and EPA-registered safe for use on all machine washable fabrics, including infant clothing and fabrics that touch food. It’s effective on bacteria, mold, mildew, and even algae, helping keep clothes looking and smelling fresh between launderings.

With Certainty SmartBoost, healthcare professionals can feel comfortable washing their uniforms with their family’s laundry. And while it’s aimed at those in the medical field, Certainty SmartBoost is quickly developing a loyal following outside of healthcare. “We’ve had athletes, firefighters, and camping enthusiasts take the Certainty SmartBoost Smell Challenge,” Ritcheson reports. “Once they try it, they become big fans because their clothes and uniforms smell so clean!”

Certainty SmartBoost is sold exclusively in medical uniform stores and is priced at $19.99 for a 20 oz. bottle, enough for 20 regular-size laundry loads. To learn more, or find a store near you that carries it, visit www.certaintytechnologies.com.

Disclaimer: Wash all garments thoroughly after each use. Garments treated with Certainty SmartBoost antimicrobial laundry additive do not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses, or disease organisms. Always follow all best practices for infection prevention.

This post is sponsored by Strategic Partners and Gelest, Inc.

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