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serena williams outburstI don’t know if any of you watched the U.S. Open on Saturday, September 12 between Serena Williams and Kim Clijsters. If you didn’t, you should google it. You can see a symptom of our violent laced society. Serena didn’t agree with a line judge and so proceeded to threaten the line judge with tennis balls down her “expletive” throat.
Serena lost the match because of this outburst and may face multiple fines and other penalties. Serena released a statement that was to the tune of that she was sorry but that now everyone can see the passion she has for her job.

Hmmmm…It reminded me of violence against health care workers. How often do people feel entitled to something and feel that this sense of entitlement justifies their poor treatment of others–that they are somehow exempt from controlling their behavior like an adult and instead given free rein to throw the adult version of a toddler temper tantrum?

I hope the U.S. Grand Slam Committee does what they feel is right in terms of punishment. Behavior like this sends messages to young and old alike that its ok to lose your temper when you disagree with someone or don’t get your way. But like my mom always told me, you have to use your grown up voice and your big girl words. I don’t think she meant cursing!

Rebekah Child
Rebekah Child attended the University of Southern California for her bachelor's in nursing and decided to brave the academic waters and return for her master's in nursing education, graduating in 2003 from Mount St. Mary's. Rebekah has also taught nursing clinical and theory at numerous Southern California nursing schools and has been an emergency nurse since 2002. She is currently one of the clinical educators for an emergency department in Southern California and a student (again!) in the doctoral program at the University of California, Los Angeles.

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