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Tennessee Student’s Vape Pen Exposes School Resource Officers and Nurse to Fentanyl


A student at Sequoyah High School in Madisonville, Tennessee brought a vape pen to school. The vape exposed two school resource officers and a nurse to fentanyl, according to officials.

The 17-year-old student was arrested; while those that were exposed to fentanyl were given Narcan.

Kristi Windsor, director of Monroe County, Tenn. schools, posted on Facebook that all three individuals are in stable condition.

“We can also confirm that the school area has been thoroughly inspected. To further confirm the area’s safety for our students and staff members moving forward, however, we have also contacted a private cleaning/restoration company to thoroughly clean and sanitize the same area,” Windsor wrote online.

The school would be closed today and Thursday, officials said.

“We are also devastated that this situation occurred and interrupted our students’ learning while causing anxiety for all involved,” she added.

The system will be holding training for school faculty and staff on signs of drug use, how to respond when someone is under the influence.



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