That fateful phone call

Jupiterimages | liquidlibrary | Getty Images

The first day of my peds rotation, I walked into the hospital and was in awe. I thought I’d walked into a museum. I remember walking down the halls every morning and thinking, “I want to work here someday.” And about 6 months later I walked down that same hall in new scrubs on my first day of work as a PCSA. I knew I was on my way. Even when I walked down that hall again dressed in my new business suit, I thought, “I hope I can still work here when I become a nurse.”

Last week I had a surreal moment. My phone rang and I saw a mysteriously familiar number on my phone. While I don’t usually pick up for unknown numbers, something told me this was important. And when I heard my manager’s voice asking me if I wanted to work on our unit in the new-grad program this fall, I almost cried. Actually, I did cry, but after I hung up. The phone call had a lot of “OH MY GOODNESS!”’s and “YES!”’s weaved in and out. It’s such a competitive program with some tough competition on our unit, and I feel so honored to have been chosen.

I still can’t believe it sometimes. When I’m at work and walking down that hall again, I think to myself, “I did it! This was my dream, and it’s coming true!” It’s taken a lot of work to get through this nursing program, but the end result, being where I absolutely feel I am meant to be. That is priceless!

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