That was a close one!

I have purposefully not posted anything about healthcare reform in my blogs.  I have very strong political views and I didn’t feel this was the forum to express them.  But, after the historic election in Massachusetts this week, I needed to say a few things.

First thing I want to say is….Thank you to the voters of Massachusetts!  You all spoke loud and clear for so many of us throughout the country that felt that the underhanded, back room decisions being made by congress that would affect all of us was not going to be tolerated.  You gave a voice to those of us that want commonsense solutions that come from those of us that work with these issues everyday and not from politicians that only have their re-election as a priority and not what is best for the country.

I am not afraid to say I am a Republican.  There are not many of in nursing, at least not many that feel comfortable standing up and saying it out loud.  I believe in limited government, low taxes, a safe country and individual freedoms and responsibility.

That does not mean that I think healthcare does not need a change.  But I believe that the changes need to start with the input of nurses and physicians.  When I say nurses and physicians I don’t mean the American Nurses Association (ANA) or the American Medical Association (AMA).  These organizations may believe they speak for all of us, but they do not.

There are 2.9 million Registered Nurses in the United States and 180,000 of them are members of the ANA.  That is less than 6.5% of all nurses.  Are they really speaking for all of us?  And the AMA represents less than 17% of all physicians in the United States.

So, until those of us that know what we are talking about….nurses and physicians, are part of the decision making process, I can not buy into anything they try to shove down our throats.

Whether you are Republican, Democrat, Independent or you just don’t care…..get involved and make your voice heard.  Make those in Washington hear what the real experts have to say….that would be you and me, not the “leadership” of the ANA or AMA.

Again…..way to go Massachusetts…..that was a close one.

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Rob Cameron

Rob Cameron is currently a staff nurse in a level II trauma center. He has primarily been an ED nurse for most of his career, but he has also been a nurse manager for Surgical Trauma and Telemetry unit. He has worked in Med/Surg, Critical Care, Hospice, Rehab, an extremely busy cardiology clinic and pretty much anywhere he's been needed.Prior to his career in nursing, Rob worked in healthcare finance and management. Rob feels this experience has given him a perspective on nursing that many never see. He loves nursing because of all the options he has within the field. He is currently a grad student working on an MSN in nursing leadership, and teaches clinicals at a local university.Away from work, Rob spends all of his time with his wife and daughter. He enjoys cycling and Crossfit. He is a die hard NASCAR fan. Sundays you can find Rob watching the race with his daughter.

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5 Responses to That was a close one!

  1. Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

    Isn’t it amazing how one vote is speaking volumes right now. I’m very interested in hearing the state of the union.

  2. Miriam Bookey

    Wow Rob. Would love to hear more. Glad you’re talking about this important issue.

  3. Rob

    Thanks Miriam….I was a little nervous posting this, ducking my head waiting for the bullets to fly…but only positive responses.

    I feel very strongly about this and about my politics, so maybe in the future I will have more to say.

  4. Rob, I too am hesitant to post about my political views on my blog.

    But trying to help nurses manage their money, I can’t help but emphasize the need for personal responsibility-but even liberals need help with managing their money!

    I too, am happy things are slowing down re the health care bill. There is so much that needs to be changed, but let’s do it slowly, deliberately, with much study, and review for unintended consequences!

  5. Michelle Morgan

    It is always scary to speak about issues like this and really say what you feel…so much is put into being “politically correct” and going with what the supposed mainstream accepts. If the majority would stand up and let their voices be heard, I think that the mainstream may be seen for what they are…a much smaller number calling the shots and swaying those watching with oppinion and propaganda in many cases. Thanks for your honesty.