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THE #1 perk to being a male nurse



Often we talk about all the ‘challenges’ and ‘difference’ we nurses (who happen to be male) face in our career. I for one believe every cloud has a silver lining, and well if you want to know the best perk we male nurses have you might wanna listen up.

No, I still don’t think we get treated any differently than our female colleagues.  No, I still don’t think we get a higher (or different) pay scale than our female colleagues. But, lately I’m told I live in a bubble — so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

The #1 perk to being a male nurse in my humble opinion….

No waiting in line for the bathroom (What were you expecting?!).

Just by sheer numbers and percentages, women outnumber their male colleagues 5 to 1 (at the very least).

Remember when you were in school? Class would break for one of those 10 min ‘breathers’,   and everyone would dart for the bathroom. Guess how long that line was to get in the bathroom for the women? And the men? This of course really only applies in the classroom setting (but can include seminars).Most health care facilities utilize a ‘unisex’ bathroom. So it’s just a matter of how long can you hold your water – heh heh.

Come on.. You know you found that entertaining.

Ok, maybe only the guys found this humorous. I just happened to notice the other day in class how the bathroom breaks are definitely not ‘balanced’ in any way.

I don’t know about you, but when you are crunched for time this is just a nice perk to have. Although I’m not sure I’d use this a selling point for recruiting?

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