The 10 Best Instagram Accounts You Must Follow

Every year, we feature the 10 latest Instagram accounts that you must be following, according to Scrubs Magazine. We work with ambassadors, influencers, and innovators in the medical field every day. Your difference in the industry can be small, what matters is that you’re making one.

Crysmarie is moving fast in the world of Nurse influencing. We recently featured her #ShiggyChallenge video in her Cherokee Uniforms scrubs, which reached over 200,000 people in a matter of days. Follow this account.

We’ve had our eye on Gorgeous Nova Official for a while now, and we have to say that no one comes close to mixing fashion in her day to day job, just as much as she does outside of Hospital. From Navy to brighter bold prints, to daring cocktail dresses, Nova sets the trend with style, fashion and function.

It doesn’t get more flexible than this, and @KendallSauce knows yoga like she knows her Cherokee Uniforms scrubs, flexible, adaptable and dependable. In other words, they fit who YOU are.

Fit Nurse P, or Precious as we know her is known for starting a movement, one of the most pertinent areas of our industry, Culture. Precious is one of the most passionate Nurses we have ever met, and we can’t wait to see what comes next from this groundbreaker.

*keke, do you love..* ? lol lemme chill. #culturecampaign #sponsoredbycherokee ???????‍⚕️??‍⚕️??‍⚕️ • “i have decided to stick with love, for hate is too great a burden to bear” -Martin Luther King Jr • acceptance. awareness. acknowledgement. appreciation. that is all it takes. love people the way you want to be loved, see people the way you want to be seen. let go of the preconceived notions and cultural biases & love individuals based off the character of their heart. it’s really that simple. ? -fitnursep • #culturecampaign #fitnursep #culturallyus #SQUADDD #ganggang #diversity #unity #fortheculture #family #cherokee #melaninmedicine #white #black #latina #asian #itsbiggerthanus #medicalprofessionals #nurse #doctor A post shared by Precious Steeples BSN, RN (@fitnursep) on

Remember Fae The Bae? You should, she attended Nurses take Disneyland and made quite the splash, including this incredible video starring your favorite Tooniforms Scrubs.

Have you ever wondered who takes care of your favorite disney characters and princesses when they’re sick? DISNEY NURSES! Yes they get sick too and us nurses who take 12 hr shifts but still find their way to visit mickey and friends are the MVPs! You can say we’re heroes but we dont wear capes, just scrubs from @cherokeeuniforms @heartsoulscrubs and @dickies_medical ? . . . . I tried joining in the fun challenge by @scrubsmag ! Let me know in the comments which character killed it! #inmyScrubsChallenge . . . . . . @champagnepapi @theshiggyshow @nursestakedisneyland #inmyfeelingschallenge #inmyfeelings #shiggychallenge #scrubs #scrubslife #drake #nursesdoitbetter #werenotquittingourdayjobs #nurses #gotmeinmyfeelings #kekedoyouloveme #dotheshiggy #nursesareawesome #disney #disneyland #mickeymouse #wdw

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We just love Mazi’s instagram, and his life. Nursing is never black and white, and neither is his fashion, blending prints with blocks of color. He’s consistent in one thing, and that’s style.

Nursing and pregnant. Most of us have been there, and it’s not the easiest thing to do. Avery is setting the trend by documenting her pregnancy throughout her journey, both in and out of Scrubs. Follow her for advice and how she navigates a busy work schedule.

This firecracker is larger than life, and if you think her instagram page is alive, wait till you meet her in person. It’s like 5 cups of amazing coffee smacking you in the face. Nurse Georgie is known for her #SheCanBeBoth campaign, the ultimate blend of Girl Power.

Having been the first in my family to pursue the medical field there were MANY reality checks throughout the process. I remember being a sophmore in undergrad and googling statistics for Latinos in nursing after I heard the horror stories of nursing programs being impacted and “too competitive” to get in to. The 7.5% Latinos in the nursing workforce never left my brain. It was even more the reason to work my butt off and prove that it didn’t matter my chances or how long it was going to take but that I deserved to have my dream job just as much as the person next to me regardless of my race. After my first year in a nationally ranked program I decided to take a leadership role and help increase that 7.5% statistic. I help co-found a diversity and inclusion organization aimed to recruit and retain diverse faculty, students and staff with a group of amazing DIVERSE AF students and faculty that were ready to make campus wide change- and we did. We hosted events, rounds tables and article clubs to discuss race, gender, inequalities and injustices in our workplace and clinicals and ways to make change. This group became family and more than anything we became the safe space for anyone and everyone on campus who needed someone to talk to. Today, I highlight and promote the beauty in diversity in other ways, eg. my #MyNurseLifeCap and #SheCanBeBoth campaign because when we realize that diversity is the backbone to any great movement, we recognize the strength in our differences! That my friends is powerful! Thank you to my beautiful friend @fitnursep for starting the #culturecampaign and reminding us how important this topic is! A post shared by Georgina Villarreal (@nurse.georgie) on

Slava, hubby to ( is a rising star amongst our ambassadors and has a message you’ll want to hear. Hot off the heels from Georgie’s campaign, Murse Muscle launched #HeCanBeBoth, showcasing the 20% of our industry and making sure their stories are told. From bodybuilders to rockstars. Check him out.

The enigmatic Dr Xristina, have you seen her? We’re dying to meet you.

• s t a n d • t a l l • . . “And where she stood, she stood tall”- ?. . . You’re allowed to be proud of how far you’ve come. You’re allowed to have some ego. You’re allowed to think highly of yourself. . . Allow yourself to indulge in positive affirmations. You are here. You have overcome a lot. You are valued. You are loved. You are uniquely you. And you are fabulous ?. . . Stand tall humans ✨. . . . . . . #drxristina #standtall #tall #ootd #qotd #friyay #vibes #mood #feelingood #clinicals #whitecoat #stethoscope #positivevibes #fabulous #style #chic #classic #workflow #medstudent #futuredoctor #doctor #beyou #blackandwhite #belt #curves #professional #proud #affirmations #livingthedream #oneday A post shared by x r i s t i n a⚕️(md student) (@dr.xristina) on

And finally, we always like to throw a little extra bonus in our Top Ten lists. Here’s the mysterious @Dr.Xristina donning this fabulous new t-shirt line, Ur Shirting Me. These bad boys are selling out FAST and we simply can’t get enough of them.

This Dr has totally got her shift together ?. Very punny!! #Repost @dr.xristina ・・・ • s h i f➕• h a p p e n s • . . Laryngitis is not exactly how I envisioned starting my internal medicine rotation but hey… SHIFT HAPPENS!!! ?. . . A little inflammation can’t stop me from the excitement of the next adventure… IM!! Understandably I will be indulging in some silent excitement for the next little while ??. . . Happy hump day humans! ?. . . . . [[ Like my t-shirt? Check out @urshirtingme ! ? Thank you for sending me this free & unexpected gift! Loving this super soft pun t-shirt that fits perfectly with the happenstance timing of my laryngitis! ]]. . . [[ Special shoutout to @deborah_lynne_ & @cherokeeuniforms for the super comfortable free gift of the infinity zip up jacket & joggers! I absolutely love this line! #brandambassador #sponsored ]] . . #drxristina #shithappens #livingthedream #medstudent #medicine #stethoscope #keepmovingforward #pun #scrublife #clinicals #vibes #mood #whitecoat #womeninmedicine #futuredoctor #medlife #doctor #ootd

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