The 10 nursing school books you should never throw away

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After you finally graduate from nursing school, there’s probably nothing you’d rather do than say “good riddance” to your textbooks and burn the whole lot. While we fully support a little cathartic release every now and then, especially after achieving such a major accomplishment, hold your fire for the next five minutes! We asked our readers which nursing school books they’d never get rid of…take a peek at their responses before you start up the ceremonial bonfire and burn some books you might appreciate having in the future!

The 10 nursing school books you should never throw away

1. My most favored book would have to be the critical care book! To this day I use that book to help me with my new career in the ICU.

2. The book I will keep forever is my med-surg book. Always helpful!

3. My most favorite textbook…most certainly Contraceptive Technology! As a WHNP, I refer to this book almost daily—it’s my professional bible!

4. The one I kept—and renew when a new one comes out—is my drug book.

5. Out of all the books, I think I enjoyed mental health the most and was least likely to want to burn it.

6. The one I found most helpful and still refer back to is my anatomy and physiology book.
—Sheila Swaim

7. Keep forever: Pharmacology…it’s the perfect height to put on top of my cabinets and prop up decorations!
—Andrea Garfield Adamczyk

8. I will keep my Taber’s forever! I love that book!
—Beth Yearling

9. I kept Mosby’s dictionary and drug handbook (the rest were ceremoniously burned with the white uniforms).
—Cynthia Huntley Rose

10. I will immediately toss my psychiatric mental health nursing book, or maybe sell it to the next unlucky soul. I will keep all of my other textbooks, since they have been my closest “friends” for the past two years. Besides, I doubt I could sell any of them with the amount of highlighting and coffee stains I made on them!
—UFGrad09 (winner of our March Scrubs Learning Network contest!)

Which nursing school book will you always keep? Which did you want to burn as soon as you graduated?

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