The 5 nurse bully types every hospital is hiding

4. The cruel and oppressive ruler

This nurse bully is in the same league with dictators, whoever invented group texting and Regina George from Mean Girls—they’re just that evil.

The cruel and oppressive ruler doesn’t just humiliate and degrade you; you’re pretty sure they’re responsible for the inexplicable “KY jelly on the stairs” incident that left a new nurse with two broken fingers and a black eye.

You keep checking their work bag for potential weapons or signs of criminal activity. So far? No cigar.


5. The “I didn’t know nursing was hard” bully

This nurse bully is simply a product of ignorance. They probably saw an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, somehow came out on the other side of nursing school and then realized, moments after stepping into the hospital, that they actually hate everything about nursing.

Nobody told them that not every patient will dedicate their firstborn to them or that they’re really, seriously responsible for “cleaning in the folds.” Only stubborn pride and a lack of options has kept them in the field for this long, and everybody else is suffering for it.

They’re kind of like a Bitter Betsy on steroids, and for some reason, administration has placed them in charge of scheduling.

We’ll be saying a silent prayer for you.


So, there you have them—the five nurse bullies you’re likely to encounter in the hospital. We know we haven’t covered all of them, though. So, help us out and tell us all about your (least) favorite bully type in the comments section below!

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