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The 5 secrets to the Biggest Loser


Image: NBC

For some strange reason most of John Q Public is continually fascinated by the TV show ‘The Biggest Loser’. They seem to be in awe of the amazing and breathtaking results that the contestants accomplish.

“How do they do it?”

“What’s their secret?”

Some take the road of negativity and place blame on the show for sending such a mixed message (I’m guilty of this):

“If I had a personal trainer, I’d lose weight too!”

Now, let me be clear, I think the show itself is bad for your health. It gives some pretty mixed messages about how to lose weight, and what you should and should not do. But the show does have a silver lining that we can all benefit from. It gives you the tools and the key ingredients on how to successfully lose those extra pounds. Not only lose them, but keep them off!

Here is what the show possess that you need to incorporate into your lifestyle in order to see the changes you desire:


The money! Who doesn’t want to win the cash? I don’t know about you, but I could use $250,000. Of course none of us can find THAT kind of motivation, but something that motivates you on a daily basis. Whether it’s a cash prize or not. Some people will place bets with fellow co-workers or family & friends. You decide on the what/when/where, but YOU decide. Because in the end it has to motivate YOU and no one else. You’re gonna need that motivation when it starts to get tough and you start getting tired.


The contestants not only have the support of the trainers and that panel of ‘judges’ at the end of each show (sorry I don’t really watch the show), but they find support amongst fellow cast members, contestants and family. Find support with those that are fighting the same fight as you, or have been through what you are going through. The energy you channel from their validation is empowering.


I for one think that the weekly deadline is a bit extreme, but it’s reality TV, not real life. Create reasonable, realistic and reachable deadlines. Whether they are daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. You set the deadline. But you better be sure to stick to them and not change them to your liking, or change them because you missed the deadline. Create them and stick to them. Period. No excuses. Use the deadlines to help monitor your progress.


There isn’t a soul out there that knew everything there is to know about losing weight when they started. They utilized their resources and learned from those that are more educated or ‘field ready’. On the show, it’s relatively easy to seek guidance since they have personal trainers they report to. I only caution you to seek guidance carefully, because there are people out there who will guide you in the wrong direction. Stay away from the absolutes. There is more than one way to skin a cat, don’t let anyone lead you in to believing their way is the only way.


Ultimately this is bread and butter of the show. Every week the contestants get feedback on what went right, what went wrong. They are confronted about their weaknesses and congratulated on their strengths and accomplishments. The feedback is the pivoting lever that helps you maintain balance and keeps you moving forward towards your final goal. No feedback = no progress.

Use these tools with ANY lifestyle change or program of your choosing and you will succeed. It’s really that simple.

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