The 7 deadly sins of job hunting

7. Avoiding job-hunting support and services
The job hunt is a learning process, and getting help from resume writers, career counselors and recruiting specialists will only speed up and improve your chances of getting you to your next nursing job. Working with someone on your career will not only bring you a sense of teamwork, it will enrich your perspective and ultimately improve your end result. Here are some things that a career consultant can help you with: resume cleanup, sharpening interview skills, tips to make you stand out from the crowd. If you manage to land a job just a couple days sooner than you would have without the help, your investment in career help will have paid off.

You don’t want to just get to the next job. You want to find that next job fast and you want the new job to be better than the previous one, no matter how good the previous one was!

What DOs and DON’Ts would you give to a job hunter?

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