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Patient Advocates
As the people on the front line of patient care, nurses hear the calls for help that others overlook. In her career, nurse Trisha Gordon Bear found an underserved patient population: deaf mothers-to-be and deaf families with young kids. Many had little access to the same type of perinatal education available to the hearing population, and education on the issues specific to deaf parents were even harder to come by. Bear stepped up to fill this need by founding the Perinatal Foundation for the Deaf in California in 2010.

Wendy Rose, RN, is making a difference beyond the walls of her workplace by sharing what she’s learned as a mom raising a child with celiac disease. Wendy and her daughter both have this severe gluten intolerance. There’s no medical treatment or cure for this condition; only lifestyle and dietary changes to avoid gluten will help. That’s a lot more challenging than it sounds, and Wendy is dedicating her spare time to blogging on the topic to help other families with celiac disease live a healthy, symptom-free life.

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