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Okay okay, it may be June going into July, but let’s face it, parts of the world (including Down Under) are well into their freezing phase. Parts of the U.S. are also – wasn’t it raining in New York last week?

However, if there’s one thing that springs to mind when it comes to general clothing for fall/winter-type temps, it’s layers. Layering isn’t just a minimalist fashion statement, it’s essential when you might face fluctuating temperatures throughout the day: cold inside, yet warm outside. Anyone who lives in Denver will know exactly what we’re talking about. But how do you get it right? Yes, there are some who will just throw on an underscrub and hope for the best, but if you really want to nail the statement, then you have to choose your palettes accordingly. The Cherokee Uniforms underscrub knit tops for both men and women provide optimal function while maintaining the fashion needs of today’s medical professional. There’s a reason why this brand delivers its clothing in certain shades of colors.

When layering, keep the minimalist rule in mind – and when you think of that rule, remember simple, unique cuts. You should be opting for a line of scrubs such as the Cherokee Uniforms Workwear knit top, along with the Workwear Revolution jackets. The underscrub keeps things simple while giving depth from a jacket that is clean, simple, and functional.

How to Layer

If you’re color-coded, then you need to pay attention to the product you’re looking for. In this situation, you need to create a silhouette. This goes for men and women. Scrubs can look loose and baggy enough on their own, so don’t worsen the situation by using all the same type of fabric.

Opt for the Cherokee Workwear knit top in black. It’s made from 95% rayon, which has a silky cotton-type feel, making it look like a top you’d get from Lululemon. When paired with the Cherokee Workwear Professionals V-neck top, it creates a dimension that gives the silhouette previously mentioned. You can buy both of them here by searching for a retailer – www.CherokeeUniforms.com.

Layering Accessories

To keep that extra warmth, jackets become essential, but they should be the last thing you layer with. A simple scarf could even do the trick before you decide to throw on a jacket over those cold shoulders. If you want to use a scarf but want to keep the fashion element before you get into your workplace, then opt for a larger scarf to create an illusion of depth. The jacket seen here can be worn on top of it.

Generally speaking, if you’re ever in doubt, white should be a color you can easily layer.

The Cherokee Infinity round neck top as seen here in white will complement any other colored scrub, is super versatile, and will give you the layered fashion look you’re going for.


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