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From a Dentist to the Stars to Koala-Saving Vets: The Best Instagram Accounts to Follow in Healthcare for 2020


A picture says a thousand words, or in the case of our best accounts to follow, hundreds of thousands. From Dentist to the Stars Gabe Rosenthal, to an Australian Veterinarian who is saving Koala bears during Australia’s insane wildfires.

Below are some of our favorite social media stars, earning a place on our list of the top Instagram accounts to follow in 2020, we start with med student JP Scott, the Ambassador to the new LGBTQ hub of Scrubs Mag.


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As an MD candidate, JP Scott has his work cut out for him. On Instagram, you’ll find him toiling over medical books in preparation for his next exam, sharing inspiring stories about his life, and rocking some fly scrubs as an ambassador for Cherokee Uniforms. He’s also a proud member of the LGBTQ community, showing his support for other LGBTQ healthcare providers. Follow his account to learn more about his unique journey. JP is also the head ambassador for Scrubs Magazine’s LGBTQ hub, hit up to read his musings on everything LGBTQ+.



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As a CVICU travel nurse, Imaris is constantly on the go. While she lives in Chicago, IL, she spends her career hopping from one healthcare facility to the next. She’s also a full-blown fashion icon. You can catch her rocking all kinds of cute outfits and scrubs on the floor. She’s known for her sense of humor and outrageous sense of style. During her time on the road, she’s worked in interventional radiology in the neuroscience department and the cath lab, but her passion has always been the cardiovascular ICU. Stay tuned for all her adventures as a traveling nurse.



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As a practicing veterinarian from Greece, Dr. Effie Rozi is living the dream. You can find her relaxing under the Mediterranean sun, taking care of all kinds of adorable animals, and rocking the latest fashions in healthcare. She regularly posts about her outfits and how Cherokee scrubs help her make the most of each day at the office. She currently works at Attiko Vet Hospital in Athens, Greece. Follow her to see more.



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Dr. Gabe Rosenthal is taking cosmetic dentistry to new heights. Offering top-of-the-line dental services, he regularly shows the results of his work on Instagram with lots of before-and-after photos. From fixing tragic accidents to giving his patients the smile of their dreams, there’s nothing Dr. Rosenthal can’t do. With two offices in Encino and L.A., he’s become the go-to choice for some of the biggest influencers and YouTubers in Hollywood, such as the YouTube sensation Jake Paul.



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Running on caffeine and positive vibes, Nurse Taylor gives you a rundown on her life from her day job as an ER nurse to life in Philly. She’s always showing off her scrubs and fashion sense, alongside being a Cherokee Uniforms ambassador.



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As a self-described “travel nurse guru,” Em Cheng wants to inspire nurses all over the world. She’s always trekking through some of the most remote regions of the world, bringing her healthcare skills and expertise to those in need. Travel nurses regularly help out at understaffed facilities, and Cheng is no exception. You’ll see gorgeous views, learn about what it means to be a travel nurse, and see how she handles the challenges of modern nursing. Above all, she wants to empower YOU.



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Dr. Onur Yenigun is ready for anything that comes his way. He’s a Stanford ER resident doctor, a former U.S. marine, and a lover of all things related to fitness. You can see him competing in bodybuilding competitions, spending time with friends and his pals from the marines and being a great doctor to his patients. He’s also a brand ambassador for Cherokee Scrubs. Whether he’s learning a new technique or goofing around in the classroom, Dr. Yenigun is here to brighten up your day. Follow him to see a true American hero at work.



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Spunky and full of love, Eva Machado is standing up for nurses. She wants to help her colleagues lead their best lives by staying healthy in and out of work. She regularly shares tips for self-care and managing burnout on the job. You’ll find her spending time with friends at work, traveling with loved ones, and sharing empowering messages of hope. She also runs Purpose People, an ecommerce store that sells mugs specifically for nurses. You can also read her blog and join her online book club. Send her your tips for staying healthy as a nurse.



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Samantha is a senior year-nursing student who’s ready to take on the world. She’s got lots of attitude and a lust for life that few can match on Instagram. You can see her rocking all kinds of fashionable scrubs, including Tooniforms from Cherokee Uniforms. Obviously, she has a thing for caffeine, which helps her through nursing school at Florida Atlantic University. She’s soaking up rays of sunshine as she powers through her next exam. She’s got all the inspiration you need to be all you can be.



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Robin B, or Dr. Bea as she’s often known, is a third-year pharmacy student. She loves traveling the world and learning all she can about pharmaceuticals. She also hosts her own show on YouTube called “The Dose,” which talks about self-help, nourishing your body and becoming the best version of yourself. She’s already helping people before she even graduates. She’s full of positive vibes and inspirational ideas. Follow her on YouTube and Instagram to see what’s happening in the world of Dr. Bea.



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As an “animal crusader,” Dr. Alex is doing everything she can to save animals in need. She’s currently on the frontlines of the South Australian bushfires, rescuing koalas from starvation and dehydration. Thousands of residents and animals have been displaced as the fires rage on. Thankfully, Dr. Alex and her colleagues are there to help. Catch up with all her adventures as a nurse for the country’s Animal Emergency Service in Brisbane. There’s never a dull moment.



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Looking for some inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Dr. Gerardo Poli is serving up all kinds of wisdom and positivity on his Instagram feed. As an emergency veterinarian and the Director of the Animal Emergency Service in Brisbane, Australia, Dr. Poli spends his time saving the lives of all kinds of animals, including koalas, a lion, and some adorable stray kittens. He’s also the author of the MiniVet Guide, a go-to guidebook for aspiring veterinarians. Keep up with all the excitement on his Instagram feed.



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Martha is a BSN, RN with a huge appetite for life. She’s a hardworking mom and wife, on top of taking care of patients all day. You can see her and her family spending lots of quality time together, including taking some epic international vacations. She’s also a brand ambassador for Cherokee Uniforms with a killer sense of style. She also created @LatinaRN, a social media and personal wellness campaign that’s designed to encourage and inspire Latino people working in the healthcare industry.

Dr. Bryan Abasolo

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Follow these rising Instagram healthcare influencers to keep up with some of the brightest stars in the business.


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