The BEST place to be a nurse? Atlanta!


atlantaWhy does Casey Lynn Shivers, RN, love her job? Because she truly believes her field of nursing, and the city where she practices, are the best in the world. She has worked for three years as a pediatric nurse at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in Atlanta, Ga.

Scrubs: First, the stats.

Casey: I’ve been a nurse for three years. I work in a hospital where there are three ICUs: the pediatric ICU, the technology-dependent ICU and the neonatal ICU. Mine is a surgical NICU with 35 beds.

Scrubs: Why do you like the area you work in?

Casey: I love being a pediatric nurse and have found my niche as a neonatal RN. I enjoy working with the parents and families of the infants. Most of the patients brought to the NICU are coming for surgical evaluation, and their parents arrive to the unit fearful, anxious and stressed. I’m able to make a difference not only in the life of a child, but also in the life of the parents by caring for their needs.

Scrubs: What are the benefits and what is the atmosphere like?

Casey: The NICU team is a close-knit group. We’re supportive of each other professionally and personally. From nurses and doctors to physical therapists and nutritionists, everyone works together with the same goal in mind: improving the health of the patient. I know that when I come to work, I have the support of my colleagues, and that is a great benefit!

Scrubs: How competitive is the pay?

Casey: The RN salary is very competitive with other hospitals in the area.

Scrubs: Why did you pick this hospital?

Casey: I was given the opportunity to work at this hospital as an intern while I was a nursing student. After such a positive experience, I knew this was where I wanted my career to be.

Scrubs: What kind of nurse is your hospital best suited for (new grad, particular specialty, single mom, etc.)?

Casey: I came to the NICU as a new grad and felt very comfortable here. This hospital provides a thorough 12-week, unit-based orientation. New hires also attend weekly ICU education classes. Any nurse who is a critical thinker, enjoys a fast-paced environment and likes daily challenges would be a great candidate for an NICU nurse. The unit is also family-friendly, as we are able to make our own schedules. For the most part, all shifts are 12 hours; however, full-time employees only have to work three days a week.

Scrubs: How do you feel your quality of life compares with nurses in other cities? Why did you choose your city?

Casey: As a native to this city, I love living and working in the area. It offers many opportunities for jobs, recreation and education. The flexibility I have as a nurse allows me and my husband, Jonathan, to travel and have time off together. I work three 12-hour shifts a week. I feel that I have a great quality of life as a nurse. Working here allows me to keep my family a priority and work full-time.

Is your city/hospital/clinic the best place to work? Tell us why here!.


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