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The blacklist: If I ever fall ill, don’t let the following nurses work on me…


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Let’s face it–there are nurses out there who did not finish at the top of the class. There are also nurses who cut corners, take shortcuts and have a general disregard for responsibility.

Yes, it’s a hard pill to swallow, but we all know some nurses whom we wouldn’t want treating us through a bulletproof glass window, and who belong on the “Do not care for me” list. Here is my blacklist:

The broken clock

That nurse who never, ever, ever makes it to work on time. Ever. In fact, they arrive late for their shift, then spend another 15 minutes gathering their stuff, getting organized and doing who knows what else in the bathroom before they show up for report.

If you can’t figure out how to manage your time, I don’t want you managing mine.

The pig pen

That nurse who can never match, always has wrinkled scrubs and for some reason can’t get their smell right. This laissez-faire attitude spills over into their work station and patient rooms, with garbage cans overflowing and flush caps and package remnants under the bed.

Cleanliness. I mean, do I have to even mention infection control?

The shortcutter

That nurse who figures out a way to circumvent protocol without getting caught. I’m not going to lay out any details, but we all know and have worked with a nurse who takes every shortcut possible whenever the opportunity arises.

There is laziness, and then there is dangerous.

While this may be poking fun, you have to admit we all have a blacklist. Care to add to mine?

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