WATCH: The Crazy Baby Name

What is the craziest patient name you’ve ever heard? We think Nurse Jane has you beat.

Taking HIPAA firmly into account (he hem)…share with us: What’s the most unusual patient name you’ve encountered?

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6 Responses to WATCH: The Crazy Baby Name


    How about a list of them…. La-a (mother pronounced it, La-dash-a, yes you pronounce the punctuation in that name), twins names who were pronounced Lamanjalo and Oranjalo but spelled like Lemmon Jello (Lemonjello) and Orange Jello (orangejello), and last but not least Honey Bear. (I’m a peds RN). Poor children…

    • Scrubs Editor

      Those are great, JPNPAC! Poor children indeed!

  2. shortperson210

    my dear friend is a midwife and she has had 2 unique named babies: placenta and female – rhymes w/tamale…
    i’ve cared for some doozies: shady tree, i aint lyon, imalean hog, lesbia n. hooker, just to name a few… i’ve also had some just plain interesting first names: january, monday and her sister wednesday (these 3 were sisters). the funniest one we had was a lady w/the last name fux (pronounced as it’s spelled) when i was working in the lab going through nsg school a resident called me up asking for her lab results and said he’d like the results on mrs. fox, and he’d spell the name…of course i busted out laughing, he said the pt insisted they call her by her appropriate name, she died not long after and the obit listed her as fox as well, but they did a retraction the same day to list the appropriate name…all of her family members had changed it to variations fuches, fox etc…

  3. JennyM

    I had a patient in the ER (years and years ago) named Abcde–pronounced “Ab-sid-e”
    And a patient named Khylmidia (spelled just like that!).

  4. kjmctrn

    I find it disrespectful to make fun of our patient’s choices of names for their children-possibly the nurse could have educated the patient about the meaning of the name she picked out for the baby, instead of making fun of her and telling a friend-clearly a HIPPA violation!
    This is poor taste of an activity for this website and a poor model for students that may think this is an appropriate activity for nurses.
    I love nursing, I love to laugh-it gets me through most days-