The Easter bunny is on his way


While my family is donning their Sunday best for church, eating delicious food, and scouring the grass for hidden Easter eggs, I will be absent.

For this Easter (like most of them) I will be at work. We usually try to make Easter fun at work just like other holidays. If you have to be at work you might as well try to be festive. Last year we hid plastic Easter eggs filled with candy and little toys around the department for staff to find. It was fun until six months later we found one of the eggs jammed behind a cardiac monitor where the chocolate melted everywhere because of the heat from the monitor! because I am not a

This year I wanted to dress up as the Easter bunny to take pictures with the staff but I couldn’t find a costume to rent.  I might just wear bunny ears and hand out easter candy. That might be as festive as we get this year.

I do know one thing for sure though, I am NOT cleaning up melted chocolate from behind a monitor again!!!

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