The friend

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While I am absolutely thankful for all my co-workers and think they’re all some of the greatest nurses on the planet, there are some who stand out to me in my mind. I  know I always have someone to turn to, and the one co-worker I am most thankful for is the one who I know I can count on.  She precepted me when I first started as an aide, and we’ve grown to be friends since graduating, studying for the NCLEX, and starting our new-grad program together.
I meet up for coffee with her in the morning before our shift starts, and we (try to) have breaks together. But even on the days when we aren’t working together, I know that I can turn to her if I have a question or need some help, and she’ll be there for me, as I would for her.

It’s not always easy being the newbie on the unit, and when you show up to work and you can tell by your assignment that it’s going to be a crazy day, you feel like you’re already behind on your work. But when you have someone there who gets how frustrating that is, and who still cheers you on, you know you’ve got more than a co-worker, but someone who’s a friend too, and that makes all the difference!

Tell me…do you have a co-worker you can really count on?

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