WATCH: The funniest nurse videos on YouTube

After a full day of running from room to room, taking care of patients, sometimes you need to blow off some steam. Here’s a roundup of videos showing nurses doing just that! From dancing to rapping, the nurses in these YouTube clips will have you laughing your scrubs off on your next coffee break. Enjoy!


Have you seen this video by the nurses at Seattle Children’s Hospital ICU?  Complete with rewritten with rewritten lyrics to ABBA’s “Dancing Queen,” bell-bottoms, disco moves and one happy patient, this video is sure to put a smile on your face.


ER nurses take the rap for a great deal of things, but this group of ER nurses at the University of Alabama at Birmingham put together their very own rap song. It features smart lyrics, a patient jumping up off a gurney after a code and old-fashioned defibrillator paddles in this fun clip that will have you tapping your toes.

3. CODE!

Codes are a natural part of hospital life, and nurses and doctors have to learn how to manage them effectively. This parody was written by doctors, but it has some great insights into ACLS, cardiac arrhythmias and just the feeling of being at a code, yo.


Nursing school takes a great deal of time, effort…and dancing! These nursing students were obviously studying too long and just had to let off some steam. With funny nursing jokes, great camera work and exuberant dancing, you just can’t help but smile while watching these nursing students “cut footloose.”

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