The funniest things your coworkers have ever said


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Okay, we know—sometimes your coworkers can be obnoxious, clique-y and downright mean. But most of the time (we hope!), they’re supportive, have got your back and even make you laugh occasionally! We asked our Facebook fans for the funniest things their coworkers have ever said to them…read on for a big chuckle (and a few groans), courtesy of these nurses’ hilarious coworkers!

The funniest things your coworkers have ever said

We had a patient code at a nursing home, and while everyone was doing what was needed, the charge nurse was going to call 911…and she said, “What’s the number?”
—Bobbie Hudson

Two other nurses and I were in a VRE isolation patient’s room scrambling because he was finally having a bowel movement, but was incapacitated; we had to yell out for more bedpans because he was about to make one overflow. When it was all done, the patient was sweaty and so were we. He looked at us and thanked us, and said he felt like he’d lost 10 pounds. My coworker blurted out, “That’s a poop your momma would have been proud of!” We all got a good laugh out of that one.
—Christina Price

The pharmacy called to see if we needed Fleet’s enemas sent to our facility for a new order. I called across the nurses’ station, “Hey! Do you need enemas sent?” My coworker had a puzzled look on his face and asked me, “What kinds of scents?” The pharmacist and I both cracked up! Sea Breeze! LOL!
—Rose M. Case

As a new RN working with another new RN in long-term care, we had to pronounce a patient who had passed. The patient had a pacemaker that was still firing. The other new RN called me over to ask me how to pronounce a patient as deceased if he still had a heartbeat!
—Katie Mello Lutz

On a very busy day in the cardiovascular ward, a patient was on a wheelchair ready to be discharged from the hospital. While the patient was being wheeled out of the unit, another nurse shouted, “Thank you for coming to St. _______ Medical Center, please come again!” After realizing that she shouldn’t have said it, she suddenly went into the medication room while the other nurses and I pretended we didn’t hear it…LOL.
—Maita Cirilo Soliven

A coworker had to disimpact a patient down her hall. She came to ask me, “Sam, do I use a spoon?” She said it with a straight face. She was serious. It was an unforgettable moment.
—Samantha Brown

“Who’s Dr. Oz, and does he work here?”
—Tiffany Brown

What’s the funniest thing a coworker has ever said to you?

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