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We took the plunge this holiday weekend and saw ‘Little Fockers’. This movie was the 3rd in the ‘Meet the Parents’ series with our favorite male nurse Gaylord Focker.

This installment was about ‘Greg’ and his family-life with their twins. Everything from duties of fatherhood to his pseudo-responsibilities as a nurse. The movie wouldn’t be complete without some good ole’ fashioned son vs. father-in-law rivalry at its best with the auspicious and commandeering grandpa Byrnes.

I don’t want to spoil any of the movie — so I’ll keep it generalized.

I must admit, that even though this was a slap-stick comedy with A LOT of tongue-in-cheek moments heavily sprinkled with thick sarcasm – it did the male nurse moniker no harm. In fact it portrayed ‘Greg’ in a rather positive light.

Taking into account the inconsistent and grossly inaccurate Hollywood goofs, the ‘nursing’ and/or ‘medical’ aspect of the movie wasn’t bad at all, honestly. There were of course the usual puns and jokes about Greg being a nurse – and not a doctor, but this was a consistent theme throughout this movie trilogy series. The great thing this time around is our male nurse has advanced in his career to a manager.

Once again, take his position with a grain of salt. There were things he did, said and was exposed to that just don’t happen in the real world of nursing, especially for nurse managers. But, entertaining the suspension of disbelief… some of the scenes COULD have happened.

I was a lil’ irked by the constant name reference. He kept being referred to as ‘nurse’ or ‘the nurse’ (but not ‘the male nurse’). While I was admittedly annoyed by this – I was kindly reminded (by a fellow nurse) that we nurses (ALL nurses male and female) do refer to our physician partners as ‘doc’ and quite often omit their full name or even their last name. So I can’t be too upset at this reference.

The movie accomplished what it sought out to do – entertain the audience. In the process it gave a solid, but comical, representation of nurses in general. I must say, I had to really jog my memory about the movie to even come up with any particular scenes that singled our main character out as the ‘male nurse’?

And that one small fact alone made the movie worth it.

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