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Ingram Publishing | ThinkStock

Are you a “hardcore” nurse? Nurse blogger Ian Miller has written a powerful post on the subject, outlining what he believes is a list of important criteria for nurses today. We loved the post and knew it would resonate with many of you, so we’re sharing it here.

Here are some excerpts from the article:

“Enough of all the fluff and guff. Enough of all the bitching and backstabbing and bullying and burnt-out cynicism. It is time to step apart and rise above those nurses. It is time to get our profession back on track. It is time to support each other, get serious and get hardcore.”

He continues…

“A hardcore nurse is not hard like a wall, they are hard like a birth. A hardcore nurse gives all their attention and energy to the task and challenge before them. Through careful reflection, introspection, and interaction, the hardcore nurse has penetrated the power and importance their work. They know the very real difference they can make to both their colleagues, and those they care for. They do not squander this response-ability. They do not come to work just to socialize, or to provide the bare minimum standard of care, or to whinge and bitch about their lot. They are not just a nurse, and it is not just a job.

No, a hardcore nurse wields fierce compassion, uncompromising professionalism and aggressive sensitivity. They wade assuredly into the midst of it, embracing the joys and embracing the sorrows. They strive to bring out the best in themselves and those they work with.”

On messing it up but learning to get it right…

“A hardcore nurse refers to basic nursing care as essential nursing care, and practices accordingly. They are fully accountable for their actions and strive to improve their work through study and reflection. A hardcore nurse knows they may make many mistakes and face many difficulties and they guard against this. But a hardcore nurse is not a hard nurse. They see these occurrences not as indications that they are bad, but as feedback that they are truly working amongst the heart of things. A hardcore nurse laughs often. And cries sometimes. And shares both.”

He concludes…

“A hardcore nurse knows that in order to care for others they must first care for themselves. And they know the profundity in reversing that sentence. A hardcore nurse challenges other nurses to become hardcore. A hardcore nurse knows that their path is not something outside of them. Their work is nothing other than themselves.

It is no great deal to become a hardcore nurse…you must simply practice hardcore without delay.”

Read the entire story here, then tell us, are you a hardcore nurse? Do you think it takes a certain type of person and way of doing things to be awesome at your job? Fill us in the comments below!

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