The HawthoRNe style guide


The nursing professionals on the TNT series HawthoRNe certainly know how to save lives and look good doing it. If the rest of us had a team of makeup and hair artists on hand every morning, we might capture a fraction of that star quality, too. Sadly, a little mascara and a ponytail are all most of us can manage on an average workday. The good news is that there are style tips you can pick up from watching the show that don’t cost a fortune or require several hours in front of a mirror to perfect. It’s all about the wardrobe.
Kelly Epson

Kelly Epson

Kelly is the queen of scrubs prints on HawthoRNe. She tends to pick soft, cheerful colors and patterns that add some interest without being too dramatic. Color coordination is very important in drawing together a complete look. You want a set of actual outfits and not just random tops and bottoms with colors that look “okay” together. Fortunately, scrubs manufacturers make it easy for you to pair up the right coordinating pieces. Here’s a “Nurses Care” selection featuring trim that matches the scrubs bottoms.

Baby Phat NUCA

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