The HawthoRNe style guide


Christina Hawthorne
Jada Pinkett Smith’s character is in a role that entails a lot of responsibility. She understands that a white lab coat is a status symbol in the eyes of both staff and patients in a hospital setting. If you have administrative ambitions as a nurse, it doesn’t hurt to start sending out signals about your leadership potential by donning a white coat if your dress code permits.

Christina Hawthorne

The petite Hawthorne has chosen a tailored coat that’s three-quarter length. This is a good pick that’s not just about flattering the figure. You don’t want to look like you’re playing dress-up in clothes that are too big for you when you’re trying to command respect with your work attire. Layer your white coat over a solid, bold-color top to appear even more authoritative and confident. Black, straight-leg scrubs bottoms can make the whole outfit look even more like office wear. Here’s a complete ensemble!

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