The healing power of nature


healingpowerIn the Fall 2013 issue of Scrubs, you told us you like to hike and bike, to gaze at the sea and stars, or just scrunch your hands in the sand. Whatever your pleasure, let it lower your stress and lift your spirits.
Sandy Arens
Community Care, Mollen Immunization Clinics
Whitewater, Wis.

Being outdoors away from it all reminds me that there is a much bigger power above me.



Diane Welch Nealy
Spring City Care and Rehabilitation Center
Rockwood, Tenn.

Nature has played a big part in my ability to remain sane for the last 29 years!

Rhonda Campbell
ER, Stilwell Memorial Hospital
Stillwell, Oklahoma

A nice hike helps to clear my mind and affirms that nursing is still the career I want. This is especially important after a stressful and trying night.

Katherine Zadworny
Pre- and Post-Surgery, Langley Memorial Hospital
Langley, British Columbia, Canada

The roar and crash of the ocean waves are my bliss and serenity. It’s like being cleansed.

Sara Lee Eggers-Riggs
Staff Nurse, Wishard Health Services
Indianapolis, Ind.

There is nothing more relaxing and healing than to be away from everything and everybody and enjoy nature at its finest.

Jill Harris Townley           
First Care Family Doctors
Bentonville, Ark.

I try to find something in nature every day that makes me go, “Wow, that’s beautiful!” It can be the sun coming thru the trees, a snowflake, a field of livestock or a bird picking a berry.             

Meghan DeMariano
ICU, Fort Belvoir Community Hospital
Fort Belvoir, Va.

I find that the fresh air and smells of being outside rejuvenate my soul. After a long and emotionally trying day, the relaxing sounds (crickets in the summer) and smells (leaves burning in the fall) give me a few minutes of pure joy so I am really able to let the day go.


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