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We’ve been highlighting some of the top workplaces around the country as rated in our Nurse’s Guide to Hospitals, and now we’re looking at facilities that are actively hiring nurses. This week, we’re looking at a couple of facilities that are actively hiring in California.

But even if you aren’t in California (or even on the West Coast), we hope you can use some of the tips here to help in your job search, no matter where you are in the country.

Do you know a workplace that is actively hiring? Do you work at an exceptional workplace or have a question about a potential employer? Visit The Nurse’s Guide to Hospitals to rate, review and ask your questions in the comments! The community will help you find the answers.

The California Health Care Facility, Stockton
South San Joaquin County, Calif.

Working with prison inmates may not be the first job opportunity that comes to mind when you’re searching for nursing positions–and it’s certainly not for everyone. But we know from the nurses we’ve heard from in our Nurse’s Guides to Hospitals, as well as in the Code Happy App, that many find great satisfaction in providing care for inmates as nurses in correctional institutions. And many times these facilities may have job openings not available at other hospitals.

For example, a new prison hospital in South San Joaquin County in California is actively hiring nurses to work with prison inmates who have chronic illnesses. The facility will eventually employ more than 2,400, but more than 1,000 will be on staff when it opens next month, mostly for medical positions.

Sacramento-Area Hospitals
Sacramento, Calif.

Sometimes the best place to find out who’s hiring is not from hospitals at all, but rather from the government. California’s Employment Development Department (EDD), for example, publishes a Help Wanted Online report every month. May’s report shows that Registered Nurses are the most in-demand positions of any industry in the four-county metro area, with more than 1,050 open nurse jobs in Sacramento.

A quick search of the EDD’s online job portal, CalJOBS, reveals a variety of hospitals hiring in the city. These include University of California Davis Health System, Center for Interventional Spine and Mercy General, part of Dignity Health.


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