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After highlighting some of the top workplaces for nurses around the nation according to our Nurse’s Guide to Hospitals, we’re taking a look at hospitals that are actively hiring. This week, we’re focusing on facilities in Texas.

In addition to highlighting workplaces in the state that are hiring, we also want to use these articles to offer tips to any nurses currently looking for jobs. We think you’ll be able to apply them to your job search, no matter where it may take place!

Do you know a workplace that is actively hiring? Do you work at an exceptional workplace or have a question about a potential employer? Visit The Nurse’s Guide to Hospitals to rate, review and ask your questions in the comments! The community will help you find the answers.

Parkland Memorial Hospital

Parkland Memorial Hospital is having trouble filling 800 open positions, many of them nursing and clinical jobs. In fact, a recent meeting of hospital leadership focused almost exclusively on the nursing shortage at the facility, as well as how the hospital hoped to hire more staff nurses rather than contract nurses, which cost the hospital 30-40 percent more than a regular nurse’s salary.

Harris Health System

We’ve written before that a good place to find job openings is at nurse job fairs; after all, the events wouldn’t be held if there weren’t job opportunities available! However, sometimes the fairs cater to a specific type of nurse – such as a recent event held by Harris Health System in Houston aimed at nurses with experience in emergency and trauma nursing.

While these types of events do not encompass every nurse looking for jobs, they do give a major advantage to those looking who do have experience in the desired field. At this event, positions were open at Ben Taub Hospital and Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital, and while the recruitment event focused on ER nurses, a quick search of the hospitals’ websites (Ben Taub, LBJ) indicate they are both hiring for a wide range of nursing positions.


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