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We’ve been on a mission to highlight some of the top workplaces around the country as rated in our Nurse’s Guide to Hospitals, and now we’re shifting focus to a topic near and dear to the hearts of many nurses: workplaces that are actively hiring. We’ll be highlighting a different area of the country every week with hospitals and other workplaces that have job openings, and if we haven’t yet, we’ll get to your area of the country soon (or perhaps an area you’d like to go to)!

In addition, these lists also can be used to pick up tips on getting a job, no matter what area of the country you’re in. Read through and be sure to let us know any of your own tips in the comments below.

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Capital Region Medical Center & Jefferson City Medical Group
Jefferson City, Mo.

Two hospitals in the capital city of Missouri are hiring for multiple positions–including nurses–due to facility and service expansions. KOMU reports that Capital Region Medical Center will hire more than 100 positions because of a currently ongoing $34 million expansion of the facility. Jefferson City Medical Group also will be hiring, largely because of the addition of a women’s and children’s center.

This announcement highlights the importance for nurse job seekers to pay attention to any hospitals in their area that are expanding, often an indicator of existing or future open jobs. Fortunately, the economy appears to be slowly grinding back into gear and hospital expansions likely will increase as it does.

Kandiyohi County
West Central Minnesota

Similar to looking for expanding hospitals, another strategic job searching move is to look to places where the population is growing. For example, the relatively small population in Kandiyohi County in west central Minnesota is growing every year, while most surrounding counties are seeing population declines. The growing population inherently creates jobs of all kinds, including nursing. For example, there are currently nurse job openings at Rice Memorial Hospital in the county.

Part of the reason areas with booming populations will see so many nurse jobs is for many of the same reasons causing the general nursing shortage in the country. As a larger population ages (and current nurses retire), more new nurses are needed. However, this trend is often more readily apparent in the smaller communities of the nation, including Kandiyohi County.

Iowa Veterans Home
Marshalltown, Iowa

If you are a nurse looking for a job and also are a veteran, you have a few additional options, including exclusive job fairs. One such is the Veteran Employment Opportunity Fair in Jasper County, Iowa.

One of the employers at the job fair was the Iowa Veterans Home, which had several nursing positions available. Though the Veterans Home does not exclusively hire veterans, the nurse supervisor said the facility likes to provide jobs to veterans who need them when possible.

If you are a veteran nurse, you may want to keep a lookout for similar opportunities in your area.


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