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Over the past few weeks we’ve been highlighting some of the best workplaces around the country as rated in our Nurse’s Guide to Hospitals. But we know that a major concern of nurses and prospective nurses is not only which hospitals are the best, but also which hospitals are actually hiring.

Our goal is to bring you a few workplaces every week that are actively seeking nurse positions, and also to provide some tips for nurses seeking jobs. For the first installment, we’ll be looking at hospitals hiring in the South. This certainly isn’t an all-encompassing list, but it may be a good place to start to get your job search skills back in shape.

Do you know a workplace that is actively hiring? Do you work at an exceptional workplace or have a question about a potential employer? Visit The Nurse’s Guide to Hospitals to rate, review and ask your questions in the comments! The community will help you find the answers.

Lafayette General Medical Center
Lafayette, La.

Lafayette General Medical Center is actively seeking RNs in a wide variety of specialties, and even recently hosted its own job fair to help recruit nurses. Specialities wanted include surgery, trauma, emergency, critical care, oncology and ICU. Additionally, the hospital’s website points out that it is also seeking experienced ER RNs as well as CNAs.

Those interested in applying can call the 24-hour job line at 337-289-7112, or can apply online at the hospital’s career website.

Piedmont Healthcare
Metro Atlanta area

One great way to find a variety of open jobs is to search the job openings page of health systems rather than specific hospitals. This typically offers a wider scope of job openings, though some may be a little further from home.

One example is Piedmont Healthcare, which has five hospital locations in and around metro Atlanta as well as a slew of other clinics and other offices in the area. These include the DAISY Award and Inspired Comfort Award participant Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta. When we checked, the system’s job board had more than 60 open listings for a wide variety of specialties.

St. Vincent Medical Center Clay County
Jacksonville, Fla.

Sometimes the best way to find out which workplaces are hiring is through channels other than information from hospitals themselves. For example, an article on the housing market in Jacksonville, Fla. cites a study that almost 800 new jobs will be created with the opening of the new St. Vincent Medical Center Clay County and Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital.

While the article is actually written to help fill apartment complexes in the area, the hospital’s website confirms they are in fact hiring, and also will be holding their own clinical job fair.

Good luck on your job search!


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