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It’s the holiday season, and while some nurses may be receiving gifts they don’t want, we know there are ones you do!

We asked nurses what was on the top of their holiday wish lists and received some funny, caring and sweet answers! So…what do you want for the holidays?

A vacation someplace warm…even just an overnight. Ahhhhh!
—Tammy-Lynn Voss

The pale pink stethoscope I happened to see today…I don’t need it…so I want it. 😉
—Joanne Shifflett

A date night with my husband. ♥
—Kelli Whatley Johnson

Money to be able to finish school and help my community.
—GK Keenan

To start working! I’m a new grad RN who just got hired for her dream job at a local hospital. It may sound odd, but I hope I get to work on Christmas Eve—I love coming home from the night shift to open Christmas gifts with my family. It reminds me how lucky I am to be a nurse and to have such a wonderful, supportive family.
—Chanda Kim

Dear Santa, please bring this nurse a HOT TUB to soak in after a long, foot-aching, back-breaking shift!
—Cheryl Rau Howard

A mani/pedi for my dry, sore hands and feet…oh, and a transfer off of the night shift onto PMs!
—Lynda Seer

To be able to turn my phone completely off for a whole day!
—Megan Rose Boynton

One of those vein finders to help me start IVs better. New grad here!! LOL!
—Talisa Adams Wilkes

A new back!
—Diane Welch Nealy

To be able to afford to switch back from night shift to day shift and work less than 48 to 50 hours per week! I want to spend more time with my grandkids and friends on my days off and not have to miss out on so much because I have to sleep. 🙂
—Lyn Wilson

I want patients, family members, management and physicians to know HOW HARD WE WORK! We work DAMN HARD! And more money would be great, too!
—Anissa Forney

To know that I have touched each patient that I take care of in some small way, even if they may be confused, drug-seeking, palliative care or in the hospital for a routine surgery!
—Kerry Wilton

For my military boys to come home for Christmas.
—Leona Echeverria

Code-free shifts!
—Cristie Parson

What’s No. 1 on your holiday wish list this year?

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