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Shifting from work time to home time

  • Try taking a shower soon after getting home. Of course it can feel good, but it can also be an excellent way to let go of your day. Imagine the water taking all the stress and dissolving it away. Visualize it running down the drain. When you get out of the shower, try a scented lotion to help shift your mind. Lavender is often relaxing, while vanilla is consistently rated as one of the most sexual scents.
  • If you’ve had a stressful shift, it can sometimes be helpful to talk about it, but it can also reinforce the stress by reminding you of it. If you find that telling your partner about it gets you more worked up, try setting it aside for a few hours. Go for a walk (if your feet are up for it; being in a hospital is tough on the body). Or simply have something to eat or drink, listen to some music, talk about something other than work. You don’t have to avoid telling your partner about work, just let things settle down before getting into it.
  • It can also be helpful to do a few stretches or some simple yoga poses. The idea here isn’t to get a workout. Instead, you’re getting back into your body after spending so much time running around. If you’re feeling sore, use some Arnica gel on tired muscles or feet. It’s a mild pain reliever and soothes muscles. It also helps bruises heal faster.
  • Create an end-of-the-day routine to help mark the transition. Just as we have our morning routines to get us going for the day, having one after work can help us let go of the day. Changing out of work clothes, taking the dog for a walk, even just washing your face can mark the boundary between work and home.

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